Review: “Sorceress Rising” (Clio Boru series #1) by Evan Michael Martin

‘Sorceress Rising’ is a novel that deserves to be my first reviewed on here, considering it is the most recently published book I’ve read. The author’s name is Evan Michael Martin, and this novel is the first in a series he plans to have published. At first glance, it seems like an average fantasy novel, but the plot, atmosphere, and execution hooked me in for the most part like a prey in wolf claws.

In the idyllic small town of Lake Melts, Wisconsin is a woman named Clio Boru, a Wiccan whose family has been enemies of a werewolf family for generations. When reported animal attacks begin springing up in Lake Melts, Clio begins to believe that the werewolf has returned to wreak havoc. With the help of a local police deputy named John and his partner Karl, along with her fearsome Irish Wolfhounds, Clio and her friends must stop the beast before it kills more innocent people.

One of the strongest elements in ‘Sorceress Rising’ is the atmosphere and setting. It would’ve been easy just to only focus on the story, but Martin did a fantastic job on writing this small town and fleshing out every mortar stone and brick building onto the pages. Most authors seem forget that what helps make a good story is the setting, and the setting and atmosphere of ‘Sorceress Rising’ almost feels like a Stephen King novel. It isn’t exactly like a Stephen King story, but it feels like one, with a gritty edge and suspenseful pages.

Clio Boru’s personality is another highlight of this novel. She’s a Wiccan woman who lives in a small town, but she doesn’t bother hiding her beliefs. She’s very confident, level-minded, and can hold her ground even without John’s and Karl’s help. I even like the moments where she tells John and Karl about the statutes of the fascinating Wiccan culture.

Overall, Evan Michael Martin’s ‘Sorceress Rising’ is a fun novel. It isn’t a masterpiece of literature, but it deserves to be read at least once, and maybe twice if you’re a fan of werewolves and witches in literature.  Heck, it may even make you ecstatic for the sequel.


If you have any questions or already have an opinion on the novel, feel free to leave any comments. Thanks!

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