Happy LGBT Pride Month

In honor of it being LGBT Pride Month this June of 2016, the same month where the Obergefell v. Hodges decision legalized gay marriage all across America, I’d like to dedicate these next thirty days by reviewing and analyzing various LGBTQA+ literature.

It had truly been a curious year ever since June 26th, 2015, with people cheering in the streets while kissing loved ones and rainbow flags being flown outside the White House, but also condemnation and resentment that has fueled the conservative side of the Presidential Election. We also got hilariously uncomfortable moments such as Kim Davis, the infamous Kentucky county clerk who defied the Supreme Court decision, being released from the local jail for contempt of court to a crowd of cheering crowds while Mike Huckabee played ‘Eye of the Tiger’.


No, really. Look it up on Youtube. It’s hilariously cringe-worthy.

Anyway, that’s not the focus of this post; the real focus is on my announcement of how starting this Saturday, I’m starting off LGBT Pride Month by reviewing LGBT novels in order to honor the people who have fought hard to guarantee their rights as humans in this world.

Ladies and gentlemen, as a hint to what my first review of this month is, let’s just say it’s an acronym of the phrase ‘closeted curvy‘. XD See ya!


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