Update on Reader’s Boulevard

Hey there. It’s been a while hasn’t it? If you’re reading this and happen to follow my blog, you’re probably wondering why my next review hasn’t come out yet. Well, I’ve decided to make some changes on my review deadlines.

From now on, my reviews will be posted on Tuesdays every two weeks starting tomorrow with my review of “Honestly Ben” by Bill Konigsberg. I’ve been looking at my views lately and see that more people look at my work during the weekdays than on the weekends (my bad), and hope this’ll be better for everyone, even me 🙂

On a side note, I encourage anyone reading this to comment on my posts. I don’t ask for much, and especially not on the grounds of a childish ultimatum, but please comment on anything, be it my reviews, editorials or a simple recount on a convention I go to. Comments can help me know what I’ve gotten right, what I’ve gotten wrong, your opinion on the book, initial thoughts. and especially suggestions for books I can review (see Review Criteria page). Plus, it feels kind of lonely not interacting with viewers.

Take this into consideration, and I will be grateful 🙂 I’m more than happy for feedback and Until tomorrow, take care and read on~!


            Thank you for taking your time here! 🙂 Please leave a reply or comment below. Knowing that someone is reading this is what keeps me going, and I’d love to know everyone else’s opinion is on these books or any recommendations for future reviews.

And take the time to follow me on Facebook @ https://m.facebook.com/readersboulevard

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