Short Update

Hello everybody, I just wanted to inform you all quickly that my next book review for LGBT Pride Month is being extended to be posted on July 4th, because next Tuesday is a big event that’ll take up my time for writing out the review (among other things happening lately). If it makes you feel better, it’ll give me more time to collect my thoughts and make an even more proper and honest review. Plus, based on the title and the premise I think it’ll be quite fitting.

So until then, look out for my mini-review of “In a Heartbeat” once it premieres (we don’t know when ‘:)), thanks for the likes, the views and keep coming back to Reader’s Boulevard for future content. Love you all~!


            Thank you for taking your time here! 🙂 Please leave a reply or comment below. Knowing that someone is reading this is what keeps me going, and I’d love to know everyone else’s opinion is on these books or any recommendations for future reviews.

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