New Update

With my next semester of college coming up and other projects on the way, I’ve sadly decided that my reviews on Reader’s Boulevard will be cut down to different times they’ll be posted. This is only temporary, mind you, but I hope to still give the best quality and much more.

As of now, reviews will be posted on the third Monday of each month, with this month’s review coming out on the 18th. Again, I apologize to anyone who likes to read my thoughts on popular literature, films, etc., and I still want to give my two cents on upcoming novels. However, I also hope that this’ll help balance out my school, work and life obligations while offering my opinion on the newest books coming out.

Until then, take care and carry on reading~! 🙂


  Thank you for taking your time here! Please leave a reply or comment below. Knowing that someone is reading this is what keeps me going, and I’d love to know everyone else’s opinion is on these books or any recommendations for future reviews.

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