Late review

I’ve been busy this past week with exams and other things in my personal life, but rest assured I’ll post my next book review. With college life and juggling my job and school, it’s harder than ever to write reviews in-between free time. However, I will post by next week on Monday, and the book is something I’ve wanted to look at for a LONG TIME.

Wanna know what it’ll be? Here’s a hint: what happens when you combine Marie Lu, one of my favorite authors, with a World of Warcraft-esque virtual game? ;P

That’s right; one week from now I am going to review the first book in Marie Lu’s newest young adult trilogy: Warcross!


Thank you for taking your time here! Please leave a reply or comment below. Knowing that someone is reading this is what keeps me going, and I’d love to know everyone else’s opinion is on these books or any recommendations for future reviews.

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