Mini-Review: Narr8’s Prodigal Angel Episode 26: “The Kingpin’s Yuletide”

NOTE: All of the images belong to NARR8, and do not belong to me. Got it?

It’s almost Christmas, and finals week is coming up, so I’m sad to say I’m not reviewing a book this week. However, I will say I have a book review planned before the end of the year (literally).

For now, let’s talk about NARR8 again.

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Top 10 LGBT YA Novels I Recommend

Before you read, I’d like to dedicate this post to all the families and victims hurt in this morning’s tragedy. For those who for some reason haven’t heard, a lone shooter mercilessly massacred fifty people and injured just as many at a gay nightclub (called Pulse) in Orlando, Florida. Police are still investigating into further detail, but it is a known fact that this wasn’t just a random shooting. This was a hate-fueled attack meant to kill and harm innocent people.

If anyone is reading this, don’t pray for repentance or hate, but pray for the families and friends that have been affected by what many are calling the worst mass shooting in United States history. Do not call for gun control. Reports are coming in that the gunman was posing as a security guard and guns were not allowed in the club. If there is anything we should call for, it’s for the acceptance of LGBTQA+ people everywhere, and to fight homophobic attacks like this with love and understanding.

To everyone affected by the shooting, everyone is hearing your cries. And to everyone else, I have a quote for you from a Holocaust survivor named Henry Golde, “Hate is nothing, and love is everything.”


          Gay literature is an iconic part of the LGBTQA+ community, especially towards teenagers and young adults, so in celebration of LGBT Pride Month, I’ve decided to make a Top 10 list for the best gay young adult novels I wholly recommend. Now, there are a few rules to this for anyone who’s reading. The first rule is that these entries have to have an LGBT person as the protagonist and not just as a side character. Second, it cannot be explicit and must be readable for anyone from fourteen to even nineteen years of age. And third, having no more than two of an authors’ works is acceptable by my standards because granted, I haven’t read every gay book for young adults; heck I’m even including ones I’ve reviewed on here already. And keep in mind that this is a recommendation list and not a list of the greatest LGBT young adult novels.

With that said, here’s the Top 10 List of LGBT YA Novels I Recommend.

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Thoughts on ‘The Boy and the Beast’

For anyone who doesn’t know the name Mamoru Hosoda, he’s a critically acclaimed Japanese director whose written and made recent but wonderful anime classics such as “Wolf Children”, “Summer Wars”, and the wonderfully titled and well-known anime film “The Girl Who Leapt Through Time”, all three of which I have seen and hold dearly to my heart. “Wolf Children” is a touching story of family and coming of age (as well as a fan-favorite for furries such as yours truly), “Summer Wars” is a science fiction adventure great for watching on July evenings, and “The Girl Who Leapt Through Time” is a cult classic for time-travel stories. And later last year, Hosoda released another potentially timeless classic for anime fans called “The Boy and the Beast”.

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Review: ‘Dog Country’ by Michael Cross

Some of you may have never heard of Malcolm F. Cross in real life, but he is a well-respected furry author who goes by the pseudonym ‘foozzzball’ on the Internet. He’s been well known to write erotica, science fiction short stories, and even an occasional novella here and there, specifically set in this fictional universe he’s created from his online story series “Stories from San Iadras”. I never got the chance to check it out, but his latest novel “Dog Country” caught my eye and I couldn’t resist.

In the far future, the world is starting to accept the rights of ‘gengineered dogs’,

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Review: NARR8’s ‘Prodigal Angel’ and ‘Subject #9’

Yes I’m including motion comics as a book review. Sue me.

For those few out there who’ve never heard of NARR8, it was a relatively new content channel based in Russia and San Francisco, whose most well-known products included motion comics and interactive stories you could purchase on their mobile app. They ranged from intense science fiction, dark fantasy, and much more. Sadly though, it didn’t last long and has gone defunct, with almost all of its beautiful comics deleted and gone.

Surprisingly though, the two most popular motion comics NARR8 had made in their golden years didn’t have humans as the main characters, they had anthropomorphic animals. Both told different stories, but shared the same universe, the same art style, and the same writers. And thankfully, because both held such a dedicated fan base, episodes of both can be found on YouTube with the push of a button.

And I’m going to talk about them today, because I might as well explain to everyone who’s reading this about the epic experience you may or may have missed with NARR8’s semi-lost motion comic gems, ‘Prodigal Angel’ and ‘Subject #9’!

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